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Meetup | 🔥 Game On - Let's Play AWS Builder Cards Game 🚀




🔥 Game On - Let's Play AWS Builder Cards Game 🚀

After our successful 💫 inaugural AWS Usergroup Meetup 💫 in May, we're back with another exciting event! Let's strengthen our community bonds with a fun-filled, insightful evening of gaming! 🎲🎯

We're thrilled to announce 📣 our special guest, David Heidt, the mastermind behind the AWS Builder Cards game. 🃏 With David's guidance, we'll navigate the intricate world of AWS services, uncovering how they can synergize to architect robust, efficient cloud solutions. This hands-on experience is perfect for both seasoned AWS pros and curious beginners. 🚀🌐

The game poses a unique challenge: Can you shake off the constraints of your legacy architecture and go all-in on the cloud? ☁️🔐 The game will reveal all!

Raphael Manke

Raphael Manke

IT consultant

Are you ready for an evening of networking, learning, and gaming? I am looking forward to talking to you.


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