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codecentric @ W-Jax 2008, Day 2, Nov. 05, 2008

7.11.2008 | 3 minutes of reading time

Today we have the second day of W-Jax 2008 in Münich, the leading conference für Know-how in the Java-Space. The conference adresses developer, project leader and architects and deals with the main aspects of successful enterprise projects.

Our consultants and developers attend this event to get updated on current technology trends, strategies and the usage of the respective technologies.

Please find the following collection of speaker slot and session abstracts of the second day

Portal 2.0: Bringing Social, Web 2.0 and SOA together for the Enterprise (Brian Chan)

The keynote of Brian Chan showed several examples of customer websites that use Liferay . Opposite to his presentation on the Jax 2008 Brian Chan did not present new information about Liferay. The Jax 2008 presentation was far more “code-centric”. The typical infrastructure; blogs and wikis of modern companies have been showed with their individual advantages.

Brian Chan is a sympathic, easy guy with passion for social networks and is leading the architecture section at liferay.

Die Keynote raised less question because Liferay is in either case a worth seeing product and in the keynote systems using liferay were well presented.

Altogether a nice keynote with less new information.

Conclusion: Worth a view on it!

Marc van den Bogaard, IT Consultant @ codecentric

Batch-Processing with Spring Batch (Agim Emruli)

“Batch processing is not a very popular subject” (cites, Agim Emruli from SpringSource ). Although processing of sequential, non-interactive tasks is very important for many applications.

Conversion, validation, extraction, update and export are typical tasks of a batch process.

The requirements are:

  • High throughput of data
  • Self controlled) restart
  • Sequential process
  • partial, parallel processes

Therefore, Spring Batch delivers a lightweight framework to fulfill all those requirements.

Batch processing in the manner of Spring Batch looks like follows. A batch job has one or more batch steps which process some again and again:

  1. The ItemReader reads the input from a source
  2. The ItemWriter processes this read object and persits it somewhere

Such a job can be started in different ways. The commandline, quartz or JMX are only simple examples to do this.

Conclusion: Spring-Batch is a simple and good framework, which make it easy do implement sequential, often uses processing. And: It is the only OpenSource framework available for those jobs.

Thomas Bosch, IT Consultant @ codecentric

Business processes and rules with jBPM & Drools – an unbeatable team (Bernd Rücker)

JBoss developed two libraries that provides BPM (Business Process Management) and BRM (Business Rules Management) – jBPM and Drools.

With JBoss jBPM you can easy declare an oriented graph that define a process. Such process passes through the graph node after node. This makes it easy to define an extensive workflow for your business process.

JBoss Drools is a rule engine, that enables you to define business rules in a declarative way. At a certain point of time the working memory of drools is filed with data before the rule engine fires all his rules from a defined ruleset. After this the result than can be handled.

With the use of Drools you can easy show and discuss complex rules with people from the department. It is possible to create rule files with Excel and to import them in Drools.

The decoupling from the rest of the business code is the big advantage of those rule engines. With this you can easy maintain and change rulesets during the runtime of the application.

Conclusion: Drools provides a good solution for defining business rules. But I can’t see the strength in combination with jBPM.

Thomas Bosch, IT Consultant @ codecentric


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