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Retrospective: meet the experts – agility

14.9.2009 | 5 minutes of reading time

Ten days ago, our second “meet the experts” took place. I would like to take the opportunity and have a little retrospective here.abzuhalten.

Phase 1: Setting the Stage


Phase 2: Gathering Data

At first, here is an analysis of the statistical data of the feedback forms. Participants should rate some aspects of the workshop on a scale from 1 (very good) to 6 (bad):

Wie wurde die Veranstaltung insgesamt bewertet?

Overall the workshop was rated by all participants as extremly positive. Also the setting (rooms, catering, …) seem to be perfectly organized by the team.

Wie wurden die Sprecher bewertet?

Especially the speakers all have received superb feedback, every single on of them. It looks like the audience liked Henning Wolf and Boris Gloger the most, but the rest of us are not far behind. I have to say, that I am very happy with the rating I received.

Passten die Inhalte zur beruflichen Situation?

In the next section it was asked, if the workshop was applicable to the own situation in the daily job, if there was enough practical advice, and if questions could be answered competently. Again, a really good picture that the numbers are showing!

Konnten die Erwartungen erfüllt werden?

The highest commendation was saved for last. Apparently we not only were able to match the expectations of the participants, but overfulfilled them – for all of the participants! You could argue that this might be because of the low expectations, but honestly, I don’t think that this is the case. I am extremly happy that the workshop was a pleasent day for everybody and generated a lot of new food for thought.

Phase 3: Generate Insight

On the second page of the feedback form, there were some free comment fields, that I sorted as good as I could into the learning matrix. To the largest extend, the comments are from the feedback forms, complemented with comments from our internal wiki and results from lunch discussions over a pizza.


Feedback Forms

  • Open Space is a genius idea
  • Great atmosphere
  • Interesting discussions
  • Great introduction into Scrum, good experts, interesting stimulations for our product and team
  • Good speaker, stylish setting
  • Especially good: From the basics to the more special topics; many different angles

Internal Blog

  • I liked especially the sessions again, the open space and the awesome catering
  • At the open space, there are continuously good discussions arising and it is a real highlight of this workshop that the experts are still present at the open space


  • In comparison to the first workshop, we now not only had a camera to film the sessions, but also a wireless mic. This results in a much improved audio quality, so that Torsten will strive to release a session every two weeks, which we will offer for download of course.
  • We somehow managed to let the agenda not slip too much
  • Getting drinks served during the open space was awesome!
  • I tried to give the sessions a “story” (Overview, scrum details, transformation, sustainability), and I think and hope that his worked quite well.

Feedback Forms

  • Sometimes there were references to real-life missing, proving the presented numbers
  • A little bit more about the introduction of agile methods would have been nice
  • A break between the sessions (after lunch that was missing)
  • Uncomfortable chairs
  • Missing: Experience with non-Scrum models compared to scrum as the only representative of the agile world
  • Now and then to much “stories”
  • Topic was well discussed, but is not directly implementable. Got many ideas.
  • More practical examples

Internal Blog

  • Die chairs are uncomfortable after some time
  • Andreas’ session was too early, since he was going into very details


  • The results from the open space were not distributed
  • Twitter worked better than last time, but as a back channel in the open space, to be informed what is happening elsewhere, it was not really helpful

Feedback Forms

  • One more session before lunch.
  • More examples. Backlog, CI tools should be presented live on PC
  • More signes what is where (especially registration)
  • 15m breack between 3rd and 4th session
  • Name on the Feedback form should be removed

Internal Blog

  • Board for the open space topics should be opened earlier, so that topics can be nailed during the breaks
  • If we have a twitter wall, a large display next to the open space board could be useful


  • Ask to summorize discussion results from the open space (provide materials for that in the rooms) and gather that on an info baord next to the open space agenda. We don’t have these printing whitebaords for nothing!
😳 (=Danke)

Feedback Forms

  • Very well organised, perfect evening, great catering with excellent service


  • A huge “Thank You” to both of our organizers: Torsten Elze and Biljana Vasic. Without them, this event would not have taken place at all. Torsten not only organized the complete logistics, but singlehandedly carried all (our) chairs over to the room in the night before the event. Thank you.

Phase 4: Deciding What To Do

Most of the Ideas mentioned above are directly implementable:

  1. More breaks: The next meet the experts on architecture will reduce the agenda to four speakers again, so there will be more time between sessions.
  2. codecentric now also rented part of the building the event took place in, so we can change the chairs together with beamer, lamps, etc.
  3. I will explain the open space in the beginning of the event already, and we will have the board available during the breaks, so that interesting discussion topics can be directly put on the agenda.
  4. The name will go away from the feedback froms.

Well, and the wish for more real-life relevance I will forward to Uwe for the next meet the experts on architecture.

Phase 5: Closing The Retrospective

In the end, let me just share a few pictures. I am so much looking forward to the next one and hope to see many of our customers and participants again. If there are more ideas, proposals, criticism or appreciations: there’s still a lot of space in the comments section below!


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